Biden ‘Performance Enhancing Drugs’ Test Revealed?

Rep. Ronny Jackson is demanding that President Joe Biden undergo drug tests before and after his upcoming debate with former President Donald Trump to detect any unusual substances. Jackson, a former White House physician, has suggested that Biden might use “performance-enhancing drugs” to improve his debate performance.



This request comes amid longstanding Republican claims that Biden is old and senile. However, when Biden has performed well in the past, such as during the State of the Union address, some conservatives speculated he was under the influence of drugs. Trump has even suggested that Biden might use cocaine before the debate.

Jackson appeared on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures, where he announced his intention to send a letter to the White House demanding Biden submit to a drug test. Jackson expressed that it was embarrassing for him as a former White House physician to make such a demand, but he felt it necessary due to widespread concerns among Americans. He emphasized the need to check for performance-enhancing drugs specifically.

Jackson also remarked that Biden’s State of the Union performance was markedly different from his usual behavior over the past three and a half years, which Jackson attributed to the possible use of medication. He speculated that Biden’s debate preparation might involve careful adjustment of medication doses.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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