Biden Press Secretary Drops Dementia Bombshell

Joe Biden’s press secretary dropped a bombshell after dementia rumors.



President Joe Biden and his presidential campaign recently continued to attempt to assuage fretful donors following the president’s dismal performance at the debate on Thursday via Deadline.

At a Pride month fundraiser at the home of Rob and Michele Reiner, Vice President Kamala Harris recently addressed the “elephant in the room,” acknowledging that Biden did not have his “finest” hour but insisting that he still was about to show a contrast with Donald Trump.

She labeled Trump a “threat to democracy” and said that the former president admires dictators and would weaponize the Justice Department against his opponents, per a pool report.

She also repeated a line that the Biden campaign has told other supporters to try to calm their nerves, noting the high stakes of the election. “None of that changed because of a day in June,” Harris said.

However, the fallout from the debate is still reverberating. On Thursday, the president struggled to finish sentences and spoke in a raspy voice, while he missed opportunities to call out Trump on some of his biggest falsehoods.

On Saturday, The New Yorker editor David Remnick called on Biden to step aside, adding to a chorus of pundits and media columnists as well as The New York Times editorial page.

A fundraiser attending Harris’ event stated that the talk of Biden standing down continues among donors. “Our risk is that this just causes people not to vote,” the fundraiser said.

That said, “after the debate there was 24 hours of panic and everyone is rebounding quickly,” the fundraiser added.

The campaign sent out memos from top officials, including one from a Southern California finance official, who insisted that post-debate,  “voters’ opinions were not changed in any significant way.”

Biden himself was on an East Coast fundraising swing today, and ignored reporters’ questions about whether he would drop out.

At one event, at the East Hampton home of Barry and Lizanne Rosenstein, he addressed The New York Times editorial, published on Friday, that called for him to exit the race.

“I understand the concern about the debate — I get it,” he said, per a pool report. “I didn’t have a great night.”

“Voters had a different reaction,” Biden said. “Since the debate, the polls show a little movement, moved us up actually.”

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