Biden Press Secretary Drops Parkinson’s Bombshell

Joe Biden’s press secretary has spoken out on Parkinson’s Disease rumors.



Recent reports have raised questions about President Biden’s health and fitness for office, particularly concerning his visits to the White House Medical Unit and interactions with specialists. Dr. Kevin R. Cannard, a neurologist and Parkinson’s disease specialist affiliated with Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, has made multiple visits to the White House Medical Unit, according to visitor logs dating back to November 2022. These logs indicate that Dr. Cannard visited the White House ten times, with his most recent visit noted on March 28, 2024.

During his visits, Dr. Cannard primarily met with Megan Nasworthy, a medical liaison between the White House and Walter Reed. On one occasion, he also met with Dr. Kevin O’Connor, the White House physician responsible for treating President Biden.

The specific reasons for Dr. Cannard’s visits were not disclosed in the logs, and the White House has not confirmed whether they were related to the president’s health. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declined to confirm Dr. Cannard’s visits, citing privacy concerns and noting that many military personnel receive medical care through the White House medical unit.

Ms. Jean-Pierre made it clear that President Biden has not been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or any neurological condition, nor is he taking medication for such conditions. She stated that Biden has undergone three physical examinations during his presidency, each involving visits with a neurologist.

Despite growing calls from some Democratic leaders for Biden to step aside due to concerns about his public appearances and cognitive abilities, Biden has asserted his fitness for office and his intention to run for another term in 2024. He has ruled out taking a cognitive test to address these concerns and remains committed to staying on the Democratic ticket.

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