Biden Press Secretary Humiliated After He ‘Fell Asleep’

A White House press briefing on Wednesday saw a moment of tension when a reporter’s comment about President Joe Biden’s availability sparked a rebuke from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.



Biden has been under increasing scrutiny since his debate with former President Donald Trump, where moments of struggle and a raspy voice due to a cold prompted questions about his cognitive health. Recent polls indicating skepticism about his fitness for office, along with calls from some quarters for him to withdraw from the race, have intensified the pressure.

During the briefing, NBC News Senior White House Correspondent Kelly O’Donnell questioned Jean-Pierre about Biden’s handling of recent challenges and the internal concerns among Democrats. O’Donnell pressed whether Biden was actively reviewing polling data, donor feedback, and the anxieties expressed by his party.

Jean-Pierre responded, affirming Biden’s commitment to staying in the race and his perspective on the ongoing campaign. As O’Donnell reiterated the call for Biden to address concerns directly, a male reporter interjected from behind, asking if Biden was “awake” and able to address the media.

The remark drew a swift rebuke from Jean-Pierre, who labeled it as inappropriate, echoing the sentiment expressed by the President of the White House Correspondents’ Association earlier. Jean-Pierre thanked O’Donnell for her questions at the end as well.

“You’re saying that he’s absolutely running –” said O’Donnell, and Jean-Pierre interjected, “well, he’s saying that and I’m sharing, I’m sharing with you his view.”

“– And we would invite the president to come here and tell us that directly,” said O’Donnell.

“Noted. Noted, noted, Kelly,” said Jean-Pierre.

“If he’s awake!” called out a male reporter from behind O’Donnell, drawing a “that’s inappropriate!” rebuke from her.

“As you heard from your colleague, the President of the WHCA, that’s inappropriate,” added Jean-Pierre. “Thank you, Kelly.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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