Biden Press Secretary Melts Down Over Health

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was recently questioned by the national press corps again on Wednesday regarding President Joe Biden’s health and why the White House will not allow unfettered access to the president via Mediaite.



After responding to multiple questions regarding Biden’s mental fitness, Jean Pierre noted President Biden will interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos this weekend.

“That’s not scripted. And he has done more than 40 interviews that have not been, scripted interviews do not have a script. This year alone. So, you’ll see him out there connecting with the engaging with the American people. And I think that’s important,” Jean-Pierre replied.

ABC News’s Senior White House Correspondent Selina Wang hit back, “But again, we’re now almost a week after the debate. Why doesn’t the president just come here right now and answer for himself in his briefing room, all the questions that we have?”

“Well, you you you asked me a couple things. You asked, when is he going to be unscripted? He has been when he went to visit a diner and, a couple of days ago at the Waffle House when he, met with, met with some of the supporters in Atlanta, North Carolina, where hundreds of supporters showed up. He certainly had an opportunity to engage on Friday. He’s going to be taking, some questions from one of your colleagues. I think that’s going to be important. And we’re going to continue to engage with all of you. We’re going to certainly, looking forward to doing that. He’ll have a press conference, next week, at a NATO press conference, a big boy press conference, as Justin from Bloomberg stated yesterday. And so we’ll we’ll do that. And he’s looking forward to it,” Jean-Pierre answered at length.

Wang was not satisfied and added, “And Karine, President Biden has always promised to tell the American people the truth. So can you be straight with us and the American people? Is the president clear-eyed about what it takes to stay in the race and what it would take for him to drop out?”

“The president is clear-eyed and he is staying in the race. I don’t have anything else beyond that. He is staying. He’s staying in the race,” replied Jean-Pierre.


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