Biden Reveals If He’s Replacing Harris Against Trump

According to Mediaite, during a private fundraiser, President Joe Biden launched a vehement tirade against former President Donald Trump, vehemently condemning the issue of “political violence,” specifically referring to the events of the Jan. 6 attack. Demonstrating his fervor, Biden forcefully pounded his fist as he emphasized the critical importance of preserving democracy in the face of these challenges.



Although Biden has intensified his criticisms of Trump, he has notably refrained from attacking his adversary concerning the extensive allegations against him, including the 91 felony charges and the legal judgment for sexual abuse.

At the private fundraiser hosted at former Ambassador to UNESCO Esther Coopersmith’s residence in Washington, D.C., Biden delivered an impassioned address, underscoring the need to safeguard democracy in the upcoming 2024 election. He stressed the significance of paying attention to the rhetoric used by MAGA Republicans and the potential consequences associated with their language.

Biden reaffirmed his and Vice President Kamala Harris’s commitment to run for office again, emphasizing the progress achieved during their tenure while acknowledging the ongoing risks posed to the democratic process. He criticized Trump’s past remarks, citing the former president’s controversial comments following the Charlottesville incident and his allegedly derogatory statements about Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband. Biden highlighted the reasons he believed Trump should not be president, using these instances as evidence.

Furthermore, Biden articulated the imperative need to send a resolute message across the nation that political violence must never be tolerated in America. He repeatedly emphasized the word “never” with forceful fist pounds on the lectern, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

The President also referenced the internal disputes within the House involving the MAGA Republicans, citing their attempts to elect a Speaker and their divisive behavior leading to potential government shutdowns.

“I don’t think anyone today doubts democracy is at stake in 2024…And listen to what they’ve been saying. Listen to what the MAGA Republicans are talking about. Listen to what language they use. Listen to who they say they are.”

“That’s why Kamala and I are running again, because we made progress, but our democracy is still at stake. Because folks, the same man who thought there were ‘very fine people on both sides’ in Charlottesville, who called Hezbollah ‘very smart’…who recently on more than one occasion has made jokes about the assault on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband. Now, there are a lot of reasons Donald Trump shouldn’t be president.”

Biden said he and Harris want the entire nation to send the “strongest, clearest, most powerful message possible that political violence is never, never, never, never acceptable in America,” pounding his fist on the lectern with each “never.”

Biden said “MAGA Republicans in the House have been fighting among themselves” trying to elect a Speaker and “trying to shut down the government, sowing division at every turn.”

Conversely, Trump’s purported tendency to mock the attack on Paul Pelosi by one of his supporters has become a recurring feature in his recent rallies, adding another layer to the ongoing tensions between the two political figures.

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