Biden Reveals Trump ‘Cognitive Decline’ After Video

Donald Trump is ready to take down anyone who stands in his way to getting re-elected as the President of The United States. While his approach is verbal, the botch done by him has given others an opportunity to go after his comments.



The Joe Biden’s reelection campaign took a jibe at Trump through the online platform X (formerly Twitter). X/Twitter account Biden-Harris HQ shared a clip from The Brian Kilmeade Show, where Kilmeade can be seen talking to the former president. Notably, Kilmeade recorded a show with him for his Fox News Radio program.

The Twitter account wrote “Trump once again confuses who is currently President, forcing Kilmeade to correct him.” There was no word beyond this from the account, and as it the habit of the account, no further explanation was provided. Kilmeade corrects Trump, and then Trump pretends that he wanted to say ‘Obama’ all along.

Donald Trump: It’s all coming through Iran. And Obama wants to he doesn’t want to talk about it. He doesn’t want to mention he doesn’t even mention them in his statements. It’s all coming through Iran.

Brian Kilmeade: Well, you mean President Biden. So but right now.

Donald Trump: I also mean Obama.

Brian Kilmeade: What do you mean?

Donald Trump: You know Obama and Biden. But Obama is Biden’s boss. Guess you didn’t really know that.

Brian Kilmeade: Do you believe it? You believe President Obama.

Donald Trump: In the past? I don’t think I don’t think Biden knows what’s happening, to be honest with you. I think Obama is calling these shots and he’s always felt this way about Iran. There’s no question about that. No, I think Obama and Obama’s people certainly are calling the shots, not Biden.

Brian Kilmeade: So. So you do have a dispute, your gut tells you, but you don’t have any proof that President Obama is calling the shots.

Donald Trump: Oh, it’s my gut. But my guess I’ve been right about everything. So, you know, it’s good they have an expression out there. Trump’s been right about everything. You take a look at, go down the list. We’ve been right about everything.

According to Mediaite, Kilmeade had to correct him again, stating that he had no proof of his follow up claim. This is the second instance recently where Trump has made the same mistake.

Trump insisted in Iowa a couple of weeks ago, that he beat Obama. The Biden administration is leaving no moment to counter Trump, and one would have to see what this means in the near future.

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