Biden Reveals Video Of Trump ‘Slurring Words’

President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign recently slammed former President Donald Trump’s “slurring” speech in which he praised “White Nationalist Laura Loomer” and US-designated terrorist group Hezbollah, among other things via Media Ite.



On Wednesday night, Trump spoke to about 4,000 members of a group called “Club 47 USA” at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Florida in a speech that was full of viral moments.

The official Biden-Harris rapid response X/Twitter account Biden-Harris HQ provided a running commentary on some of those moments, highlighting things like Trump’s “slurring” delivery and praise for what they see as villainous figures.

Trump said of Loomer:

“Somebody who’s extremely shy but really talented. And she’s going places. Laura Loomer. Where’s Laura? Laura? Where is Laura? She doesn’t like DeSanctimonious. She doesn’t like DeSanctus.”

Trump said, of the microphone:

This is the worst microphone I think I’ve ever had. I hope you can hear me back there. Justin, don’t pay the bills for this mike I’m blowing out my voice talking. That stupid mic. This is the worst mic I’ve ever had. Okay, now we’ll get back to the speech. I’m trying to get their attention. Turn up the mic. Is it okay? And then I don’t pay a bill. And they say Trump doesn’t pay his contractors.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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