Biden Rips Off Trump During Painful Meltdown

ABC News host George Stephanopoulos recently became candid about President Joe Biden’s chances of being re-elected as the president repeatedly dismissed concerns from fellow Democrats about his ability to win via Mediaite.



“What’s your plan to turn the campaign around?” asked Stephanopoulos in an interview with Biden following his disastrous performance in CNN’s first presidential debate last week.

“You saw today,” replied Biden. “How many people draw crowds like I drew today? You find many more enthusiastic than today? Huh?”

Stephanopoulos recently shot back, “I mean, I don’t think you want to play the crowd game. Donald Trump can draw big crowds, there’s no question about that.”

Biden repeatedly rejected concerns from fellow Democrats and suggested that the majority of the party was behind him, Stephanopoulos questioned, “You haven’t seen the fall-off in the polls? You haven’t seen the reports of discontent in the Democratic Party, House Democrats, Senate Democrats?”

“I’ve seen it from the press,” Biden declared.

Stephanopoulos said:

You know, I’ve heard from dozens of your supporters over the last few days. A variety of views, I grant you that, but the prevailing sentiment is this: They love you and they will be forever grateful to you for defeating Donald Trump in 2020. They think you’ve done a great job as president, a lot of successes you outlined, but they are worried about you and the country, and they don’t think you can win. They want you to go with grace, and they will cheer you if you do. What do you say to that?

Biden made a pained expression, before responding:

I say the vast majority are not where those folks are. I don’t doubt there’s some folks there. Have you ever seen a group in time when elected officials running for office aren’t a little worried? Have you ever seen that? I’ve not. Same thing happened in 2020. “Oh, Biden, I don’t know, man. What’s he going to do? He may bring me down, he may–”

Stephanopoulos then put it bluntly, “Mr. President, I’ve never seen a president with 36% approval get re-elected.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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