Biden Says Trump Could Kill ABC Host

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel asked President Joe Biden what ex-President Donald Trump could do to “a talk show host who has been making fun of him every single night” if he wins.



The president amassed more than $28 million during the weekend through a high-profile Saturday fundraiser featuring Obama, Hollywood celebrities such as George Clooney and Julia Roberts, and a “moderated conversation” with Biden and Obama led by Kimmel.

During a segment of the live broadcast for supporters, Kimmel made a quip about Trump seeking payback if he is victorious, prompting Biden and Obama to join in the banter — with Biden criticizing Trump for his comments on “retribution” in case of victory and “a bloodbath” in case of defeat.

JIMMY KIMMEL: You know, the reason that — listen, we’re here tonight. We love you both. And we’re very grateful for everything you’ve done for this country and for all of us.

But I think the biggest reason we all came here tonight and people paid to see this is because we are scared. We are fearful. And, in particular, I mean, like, for me — like what are — you’re both — you’ve both been in the White House for quite some time. What are some things a president can do to, let’s say, a talk show host who has been making fun of him every single night? Like —

PRESIDENT BIDEN: You ever hear of Delta Force?

JIMMY KIMMEL: — asking for a friend. (Laughs) What’s that?

PRESIDENT BIDEN: You ever heard of Delta Force?


PRESIDENT BIDEN: That’s what we can do for you.

JIMMY KIMMEL: That’s a real thing and not just a TV show?

PRESIDENT BIDEN: Not just a TV show.


PRESIDENT BIDEN: The idea that they’re threatening — I mean, the idea that he’s actually threatening retribution. This is the United States of America. Did you ever think you’d ever, ever, ever hear anything like this? Retribution — that’s what he’s going to do. He’s going to get back at people. And I — it just — I don’t want to get going.


PRESIDENT OBAMA: Look, at the end of the day, for all the flaws, all the ups and downs that we go through in this country and our democracy, the way the system is set up is that if people come together and they express their best values, the better angels of their nature, at the ballot box, then we are going to do just fine.

If people have the right information — if those who are listening, those who are in the audience are out there talking to their friends and their neighbors and, you know, their Uncle Jimmy, who’s a little crazy. But, you know, he’s come — he’s come over and he starts spouting facts and you respectfully provide the actual truth.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Why does he have to be Uncle Jimmy?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: I just decided.

PRESIDENT BIDEN: By the way, one of the important —

PRESIDENT OBAMA: It — if young people reengage and — and aren’t cynical about the process but say, “I have agency and I can change how things work to make sure that it’s working for my generation and for future generations” — if those things happen, then Joe Biden is going to be reelected President of the United States. Kamala Harris will be reelected as Vice President of the United States. Jimmy Kimmel will be safe to continue to do his show.

And — you know, and — and I’ll be able to do what ex-presidents are supposed to do, which is not hang out with Jimmy Kimmel.

So —

PRESIDENT BIDEN: By the way, one thing is —

PRESIDENT OBAMA: — let’s get to work.

PRESIDENT BIDEN: — institutions matter. And this President, what he did on January the 6th, he’s — do you hear what he’s saying now? He said if he doesn’t win, there’ll be a “bloodbath.” It’s outrageous what he’s talking about. Outrageous! We must make the institutions work.

JIMMY KIMMEL: It’s like a movie. It’s — sometimes, it doesn’t even feel real.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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