Biden Strokes Man’s Arm In Creepy Video

Joe Biden recently stroked a man’s arm in a very creepy way recently.



CNN data guru Harry Enten made a sobering prediction about President Joe Biden’s electoral prospects following his widely criticized debate performance. Enten noted that recent polls reflect significant concerns about Biden’s mental and cognitive health, with a majority of Americans doubting his fitness for the presidency. He mentioned Rep. Lloyd Doggett’s call for Biden to withdraw from the race as a notable development amid growing scrutiny.

Enten discussed a CNN poll showing that while Trump maintained a six-point lead over Biden post-debate, there were troubling signs for Biden, including a majority believing Democrats would fare better with a different candidate at the top of the ticket. Biden’s approval rating also hit a new low of 36%.

Comparing current polling dynamics to four years ago, Enten observed that Biden’s position against Trump has significantly weakened compared to Vice President Kamala Harris, who fares slightly better in hypothetical matchups. He emphasized that while partisans strongly support their respective candidates, the battle for independent voters, crucial in past elections, currently leans towards Trump against Biden but favors Harris.

Enten speculated that with such polling trends and a sitting Democrat calling for Biden’s withdrawal, pressure on Biden to step aside may intensify. He noted Harris’s relative appeal in the center of the electorate despite lower name recognition compared to Biden and Trump, suggesting she could potentially improve Democratic prospects.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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