Biden Struggles To Enter Car In Sad Video

A video has surfaced of Joe Biden struggling to get in a car.



Fox News’ Harris Faulkner cautioned billionaire Mark Cuban during an episode of Outnumbered on Tuesday, suggesting that his continued criticism of former President and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump might negatively impact his business ventures.

The discussion focused on Cuban’s climate change advocacy, despite owning a private jet collection. Brian Kilmeade noted the shift in Cuban’s stance towards Trump, pointing out that they were once friendly before the January 6 Capitol riot. Cuban has since committed to working behind the scenes to oppose Trump in the 2024 election, labeling Trump a “snake oil salesman” and voicing his support for President Joe Biden.

Kilmeade commented on Cuban’s candidate choice, arguing that Biden’s policies are “anti-business” and “anti-entrepreneurship,” which contradict the principles that contributed to Cuban’s success. Faulkner then highlighted the potential risks of Cuban’s political involvement, especially considering his leadership role in a corporation.

Faulkner remarked that vocal political positions, like Cuban’s strong anti-Trump stance, could affect his relationship with employees and the overall corporate environment. Emily Compagno, another cohost, agreed with Faulkner’s sentiment, underscoring the importance of cautious political engagement for business leaders like Cuban.

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