Biden Suffers Memory Loss In Debate Meltdown

Joe Biden had a meltdown during the debate.



Steve Bannon responded on Tuesday to MSNBC guest host John Heilemann’s coverage of Bannon’s remarks about using governmental power to potentially prosecute critics if Trump were to return to the White House. Speaking on his War Room podcast, Bannon emphasized that his intentions were about justice, not vengeance or retribution.

Bannon specifically addressed Heilemann, dismissing him as someone who hasn’t earned a place on any potential list of targets. He then referred to individuals he believes should be scrutinized, including former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe and national security officials who raised concerns about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

He continued by naming media figures like Andrew Weissman, who he claimed collaborated closely with the Justice Department. Bannon asserted that a Trump administration would thoroughly review communications and activities of government officials to ensure accountability. He stressed that those who conducted themselves appropriately need not worry.

“This is justice. It’s not vengeance. It’s not retribution. It’s none of that. And no, John Heilemann, you’re one of the great wasted talents out there. You haven’t worked hard enough to make the list,” Bannon said on his far-right War Room podcast.

“The people that will be on the list know who they are, know who they are. You see McCabe wetting himself. Former government officials, the 51, traitors that tried to gun deck the, the laptop from hell.”

Bannon concluded by stating that Trump’s second term would prevent what he perceives as interference by the “deep state” and ensure that decisions are not dictated by entrenched government interests.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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