Biden Suffers Memory Loss With Veteran

A recent CBS News/YouGov poll revealed that 72% of registered voters doubt Joe Biden’s mental and cognitive ability to serve as president, marking a seven-point increase since the last debate. Special counsel Robert Hur has characterized Biden as an elderly man with a poor memory. Reports highlight Biden’s struggles with unscripted events, often needing aides to provide information.



The Wall Street Journal focused on Biden’s memory issues at fundraising events, where spontaneous interactions with donors are limited. Questions are usually submitted in advance. At a small event in South Florida, Biden spoke slowly and stumbled over words but gave detailed responses. A donor noted that while Biden seemed to have lost a step, he did not appear impaired.

Aides frequently assist Biden at these events. For example, during a New York fundraiser around the time of the United Nations General Assembly, Biden struggled with questions about the Middle East until an aide intervened. At a June 2023 fundraiser at the Four Seasons in New York, Biden appeared fragile and struggled to recall the word “veteran,” asking attendees for help.

Despite concerns, Jeffrey Katzenberg, co-chair of the Biden campaign, reassured an entertainment executive that Biden is mentally sharp and capable of winning in November.

Speculation about Biden’s political future continues, with some questioning whether he will drop out of the race and if he is making policy decisions himself. Former President Donald Trump suggested that Hunter Biden is influencing decisions behind the scenes, stating, “I’m hearing that Hunter is calling the shots.”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed that a neurologist has visited the White House three times during Biden’s tenure.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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