Biden Team Makes ‘Threat’ If He’s Removed

An email sent by Joe Biden’s deputy campaign manager contains a critical and pointed message aimed at the faction within the Democratic Party calling for Biden to step down. The email asserts that Biden will unequivocally be the Democratic nominee, highlighting that he won the nomination overwhelmingly through voter support. The email warns that if Biden were to withdraw, it would result in chaos, internal conflicts, and a disorganized convention, ultimately weakening the Democratic Party’s position against Donald Trump.



The deputy campaign manager argues that a new nominee would face significant disadvantages, including starting with no campaign funds and entering the general election in a weakened state. The email points out that Joe Biden is the only person to have defeated Donald Trump and switching to another candidate would reduce the chances of winning according to polls.

The email also contains a veiled threat, suggesting that any new candidate would start with zero dollars in their campaign fund. This is a response to donors who have emphasized the importance of transferring funds to a new candidate if Biden were to step down. The Biden campaign makes it clear that they will not cooperate with any transition efforts and will retain all campaign funds. This implies that any attempt to replace Biden will be met with resistance, potentially harming the Democratic Party’s chances in the 2024 election.

The email signals that the Biden campaign is prepared to fight any efforts to replace him, suggesting that they will take the 2024 race hostage to ensure Biden remains the nominee. This shows a firm stance by Biden’s team, warning that attempts to replace him could lead to a fractured and financially disadvantaged campaign, ultimately benefiting Donald Trump.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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