Biden Tells Big Names: ‘I Need More Sleep’

President Biden recently admitted to a group of Democratic governors at the White House that he needs more sleep, fewer working hours, and should avoid events held after 8 p.m. This acknowledgment, reported by the New York Times, reflects Biden’s concern about his ability to handle the demands of the presidency effectively.



During the meeting, Biden responded to a question about his health by jokingly remarking that the issue was “just my brain,” though this attempt at humor did not land well with everyone present.

This revelation comes amid ongoing discussions about Biden’s performance following a challenging debate against Republican nominee Donald Trump. Despite his intentions to seek reelection, Biden’s admission about his limitations suggests a recognition of the physical and mental toll of his role.

According to Axios, White House aides have previously noted that Biden tends to struggle with fatigue and absent-mindedness during early morning and late afternoon events. His recent comments underscore concerns about his stamina and ability to maintain peak performance throughout the day.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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