Biden Tells Crowd ‘I Wanna Go Home’

In an unexpected turn of events at a campaign watch party in Atlanta, President Joe Biden made a remark that raised eyebrows among attendees and viewers alike. Following his debated performance, which had already received criticism for its perceived shortcomings, Biden addressed the crowd with a somewhat offbeat statement: “I wanna go home with ya.” This spontaneous comment was captured on camera as Biden turned away from the audience, handed back the microphone, and exited the stage.



The incident quickly gained attention on social media, with clips circulating widely on platforms like Twitter. Accounts such as RNC Research and Conservative War Machine shared the footage, emphasizing Biden’s remark in the context of his debated performance.

CNN, covering the watch party, momentarily cut to the event but did not acknowledge the remark upon returning to their panel discussion. This omission sparked further discussion online about how media outlets handle such moments in political coverage.

Biden’s debate performance itself had already stirred significant commentary, with CNN panelists openly questioning whether Biden realized the extent of his performance issues. Democratic operatives, quoted by CNN, expressed concerns about Biden’s suitability as the party’s nominee in light of his debate showing.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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