Biden To Celebrate Court Ruling Trump Is…

President Biden is reportedly planning to address the verdict in former President Donald Trump’s New York City trial, regardless of the outcome. Sources within the Biden Administration revealed to Politico that Biden intends to comment on the trial from the White House setting, aiming to convey impartiality. However, if Trump is found guilty, Biden is prepared to use the trial as a campaign talking point from the Oval Office, arguing it as proof of Trump’s unfitness for office.



The plan is to portray Trump’s conviction as evidence of the extremes he would go to in order to win, with the campaign ready to launch a social media blitz referring to Trump as “Convicted Felon Donald Trump.” Moreover, Biden’s team intends to use an acquittal or a hung jury as an opportunity to attack Trump and the Republican Party, portraying them as advocates of chaos and lawlessness.

Sources from the Biden team emphasized the importance of stressing the functionality of the American system, especially in an election year. They view the trial’s outcome as part of their argument against Trump, questioning whether Americans want someone found guilty of a crime to be elected president.

While the Biden campaign sees the trial as an opportunity to attack Trump, aides acknowledge that a guilty verdict may not significantly impact the overall campaign. They believe the upcoming presidential debate will be far more crucial in swaying undecided voters. Additionally, aides recognize that the trial’s significance resonates primarily with reliable Democratic voters, rather than broader demographics.

It’s worth noting that additional criminal cases against Trump are pending, but they are not expected to go to trial before the election. The New York case, led by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, revolves around expanded statute of limitations and allegations of interference in the 2016 election.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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