Biden Video Leaks After Medical Emergency Rumor

Joe Biden was reported to have suffered a medical emergency on Air Force One today, but a video has surfaced disproving this.

Steve Bannon, in a fiery interview with ABC’s Jon Karl ahead of his impending prison sentence, discussed his views on justice, retribution, and controversial statements made on his War Room podcast.

Karl questioned Bannon about his previous statements regarding retribution against Trump’s perceived enemies, including former Attorneys General Merrick Garland and Bill Barr. Bannon clarified that he believes Barr should be investigated, emphasizing that it’s about justice rather than mere retribution. He distanced himself from any definitive judgment on Barr’s culpability, asserting the need to evaluate the situation fairly.

Regarding a past comment where Bannon appeared to suggest putting the heads of Dr. Anthony Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray on pikes, Bannon defended it as a metaphorical expression rather than a literal threat. He argued that such statements are common in political rhetoric and should not be taken literally.

Karl pressed him on the impact of such rhetoric, especially given the threats faced by Fauci and Wray, to which Bannon responded defiantly, stating that criticism and bans from social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook only amplified his platform’s reach.

Throughout the interview, Bannon remained unapologetic about his provocative statements and maintained his stance that he was speaking metaphorically. He also highlighted the security concerns he faces due to his high-profile role in political commentary.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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