Big Cass and Enzo have tons of backstage heat in WWE

The Realest Guys In The Room might not be a team anymore but that doesn’t mean they can’t share certain things. They apparently have a fair amount of heat backstage. Dave Meltzer noted in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Big Cass and Enzo both have backstage heat on them but only for separate reasons.



It is said that when Enzo was crying during their break up a few weeks ago that they were legit tears because he was unhappy about the team being broken up. It was also reported that although exact reasons aren’t released yet there was an incident which caused Roman Reigns to kick Enzo off of WWE’s bus and he received a “Miz treatment” meaning he had to dress somewhere other than the locker room for a while.

This backstage heat might be the reason why Enzo wasn’t featured on Raw this week and why the match at Great Balls Of Fire was so one-sided. It was reported Enzo is not living in LA as some would assume by his social media posts and he’s not having the best time away from wrestling.

Apparently, Big Cass also has heat on him for an entirely different reason. Big Cass is a big Donald Trump supporter which is getting a lot of resentment from the boys in the locker room. While Linda McMahon being in Trump’s cabinet might get him some favors with Vince and other management it certainly isn’t doing him good backstage with the boys.

It was said that Big Cass’ rivalry with Enzo was a “one-and-done” match which is why they brought the Big Show out the next night on Raw to shut him up. But seeing how Enzo wasn’t featured on Raw at all and Big Cass was it probably gives an indication of who really has more heat on them and who WWE sees as their bigger future star.

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