Big Cass on his favorite big men to watch

Big Cass might be out because of an injury but that doesn’t mean he’s going to stop studying the business. He still loves everything about pro wrestling.



Even though he’s hurt he still can’t wait to get back to the ring and recently spoke to Sam Roberts on Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast about some of the big men he really draws inspiration from.

“I think in-ring-wise, Undertaker and Kevin Nash are probably the two biggest ones I watch. I mean, I watch a lot of stuff. I watch a lot of people. I try to take little things from everybody, but if I had to say there were two that my style is based around, it’s those two guys.” Cass added, “Big Show is definitely a guy that I look up to. [In terms of] how he operates, how he carries himself, he [has] always got really good advice. He’s the man. He’s great.”

As you can clearly see, Big Cass knows the best when he sees them. It’s pretty amazing how much he says he looks up to The Big Show because WWE just booked him to go over the Giant at SummerSlam.

Credit for the quotes in this article thanks to Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast and Wrestling Inc for the transcription

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