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Big Cass releases statement on WrestlePro incident

  • Bert

    I’ve not said that you aren’t saying that it’s not serious. Just because bipolar includes bouts of depression doesn’t make them linear. One doesn’t follow on from the other, so it’s not ‘a stage further on’.

    Your wording is misleading.

  • CC

    blah blah blah.

    Bipolar includes depression, and used to be called “manic depression” thus yes, it is a stage further on. I am not suggesting depression is not serious, that is just how you are reading it to create a childish argument.

  • Bert

    Your very first sentence shows a MASSIVE lack of understanding of mental health. Describing bipolar as ‘further on’ than depression is the type of statement that undermines depression as it suggests that it is not a serious.

  • CC

    Be quiet child. “Don’t be so defensive” yet gets all defensive and feels the need to tell me I am wrong when he himself has no evidence to back this up.
    So am I to believe you are doctor who knows more than me?
    Do you know my experience with mental issues or drugs? No. But hey, you go on with your massive generalisations.
    His history with substance abuse is obviouss, and the traits he is showing have a lot of the hallmarks of either that or bipolar (and possibly a combination of both), but off you go straight away with your insults yet get all upset when someone throws them back at you.

  • Bert

    Don’t be so defensive. If you can’t handle a bit of criticism then maybe you shouldn’t constantly be having a go at the writers on here.

    In this particular case you’ve made some massive generalisations. I know you like to preach and be correct all the time but this time you are way off.

  • CC

    Aww Bert, did they let you out of your cell again?
    Masturbating in a public places really is not right mate. No wonder you know so much about mental health.

  • Bert

    Dr CC being a know it all again. Commenter on everything. Expert at nothing!

  • Soulshroude

    That was a serious copout. You’re blaming the fight on being depressed? Dude, you’re f…ckin’ bipolar with serious anger issues if that’s the case. You’re not trust worthy and have lost your integrity.

  • ROB-1.

    He sure has problems.

  • CC

    His actions do not sound like someone suffering from depression, it sounds like something either much further on from that like bipolar disorder which switches between depression and mania, or it could be related to some kind of substance abuse.

    If it is genuinely a mental disorder, then he really should not be in the wrestling business as the stresses that come with that will only make his situation worse. Much like Lars Sullivan and his anxiety, these are not conditions that will be helped by being in an industry like this and they would have much better chances of recovering or managing it if they were in an industry without this level of pressure.

    If it is substance abuse, then like many he needs to get that crap out of his system before it kills him.
    Too many wrestlers, musicians and actors give into all that and we have lost so many great talented people, yet still people follow that same dangerous path.

    Whatever it is, he needs to step away from the public eye and get himself sorted.

  • Dirt McGirt

    This whole thing reeks of Lance Cade.