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Big Cass removed from show after erratic behavior

Big Cass was removed from a WrestlePro show at the Rahway Rec Center in Rahway, New Jersey owing to his terrible behavior during the event, where even police had to be called in.

According to a report by PW Insider, Big Cass was not advertised to appear for the event and he was a surprise for the crowd, as part of the battle royal.

It is unknown why Cass had trouble with Joey Janella, as the two had shared a locker room the night before at a Northeast Wrestling event.

WrestlePro later had [Dan] Maff and Janela, who were wrestling on the show, moved to a private room so they could call their match without distraction and to keep Cass separated from them.

Cass would then start going to every person he could find in the locker room and ask about a sweater. He accused everyone of stealing his sweater and said that he would “take care” of people.

This continued until Cass ended up in a smaller backstage room with AEW stars SCU and Pat Buck, who were in the middle of putting together their main event match for the event.  Cass began accusing everyone in the room of stealing his belongings and acting in a threatening manner, threatening to fight them.  He then turned to Buck, who was sitting and said, “What are you going to do, tough guy?” and spit in Buck’s face.

Following Cass’ actions, Pat Buck felt he had no choice and punched Big Cass out cold. Cass reportedly fell to the ground after getting punched by Buck.

Police were already present in the building as the police station is close to the Rec Center. Cass was then escorted out of the building and the show went on as scheduled.

  • Luke

    Lol “good journalism”… it’s a dirt sheet, not 60 Minutes.

  • CC

    I just read an article elsewhere which actually has more info than the pathetic half arsed story above.

    Apparently Cass slapped Janella due to a run in he had with Enzo at a Blink 182 concert.

    This article also addresses what happened after, with Cass being escorted from the premises and having his car searched. Then being taken to hospital because he hung around afterwards and was seen walking around talking to himself.

    But typical Harrison, only reporting the partial story.

  • Matt

    That picture that you put up is a bit manipulative as it insinuates that Cass is a bully. Perhaps he is and if so, needed to be reprimanded. However, it is good journalism to ask for both parties accounts of the event before judging anything.

  • Soulshroude

    Uh… the fight was with Buck, not Janella. Get the facts straight before writing the article.

  • CC

    So what does this have to do with Janela? Seems he was removed for causing trouble with everyone, not due to a fight with Janela.