Big Cass Rips Fans After Suffering Seizure

Big Cass does not play any games. He certainly doesn’t play games when it comes to a medical emergency either. Cass has some very choice words for fans who disrespected him during such a horrible experience…Randy Orton Tweets AEW Star About ‘Gross’ Rumor.



Now, let me preface by saying that as a Pennsylvanian, Philadelphia has some of the absolute toughest crowds that there are. The crowd will either love you or eat you alive depending on how they feel that night. This is the case for many sports, but when it comes to hockey or wrestling – that’s when the it all really goes down.

One night in Philly, Cass suffered a stroke in front of many fans and the didn’t do anything to help the star.

Big Cass said on Impact Wrestling as W. Morrissey: “When I had a seizure in front of 1,500 people in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, those fans that love us and adore us, they took out their phones and instead of dialing 911, they recorded it and put it on YouTube. And then everybody in the world gets to watch me at my most vulnerable point.”

One fan said the following on Cass: “This promo was kinda amazing. Felt real, felt like a heel who is 100% justified in his actions and why he’s so bitter. I wish it didn’t have the brawl at the end, I think it took away from the rest of the segment, but god damn that was the best singles Cass promo ever.”

Of course, many fans probably just thought it was all part of the show.

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Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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