More on How Big of a Deal Hulk Hogan’s Return to Japan Was, The Rock Filming Causes Issues

– While doing media for Hercules this week, The Rock made a stop in San Francisco to film a scene for San Andreas. The local NBC affiliate reports that neighbors and businesses in the neighborhood complained about streets being closed for filming but permits were still issued.



– We noted before that Hulk Hogan being added to WWE’s tour of Japan did help with ticket sales and Hogan’s return to the country was seen as a big deal. When Hogan arrived at the Narita airport, there were more than 100 reporters and photographers waiting. Hogan appeared on two network talk shows and had eight print interviews.

Hogan himself coming in was bigger in the media than the WWE tour as a whole. On the second night of the tour in Tokyo, Japanese legend Yoshihiro Takayama was sitting at ringside wearing a Hogan t-shirt.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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