Big E Dating WWE Diva Rumor Leaks

Big E just scored a huge win and is your new WWE champion as he beat Bobby Lashley for the title. This huge win may not be the only win in Big E’s life, however. Big E could very well be hooking up behind the scenes with one former star. Triple H Breaks Silence After Heart Surgery.



It was rumored for sometime now that Big E was seeing former star, Kaitlyn. This was spoken about on Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette. Big E and Renee both got straight to the point to answer this one.

Big E said about this rumor: “That’s not true.” Big E continues: “From time to time, I think I texted her a couple of weeks ago because I’m really proud of her journey. She dealt with a really messy divorce and I met her current lover and he’s a great dude. At first, I was like, I didn’t like some of the earlier ones [she dated] and maybe I am jealous? Is that the reason? But then I realized how things unfolded and I’m like, ‘No! They were terrible people.’ But him, I liked right away, a great dude, and I’m just really happy for the both of them.

Big E closed: “She posts often about her journey mentally and I’m really proud of her growth as a human. So, I just hit her up and we talked briefly about that stuff. But it’s really good to see her in a good place.”

Big E made a note of the fact that he is single and enjoys staying single as he is very introverted by nature.

Special thanks to Wrestling Inc for the scoop.

Dustin Schumacher
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