Big E Drops Undertaker Last Match Bombshell

The  New Day will be featured in Netflix’s “Escape The Undertaker,” an interactive film starring The Undertaker. The talks about the project took place before the COVID-19 pandemic and filming happened after the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. Chris Jericho WWE Return Paycheck Offer Leaks



Big E opens up on The Undertaker

Speaking to Alex Biese of Asbury Park Press, WWE Champion Big E discussed the upcoming film.

“On paper, we’re all fan-favorites and liked, but (with) such a massive difference and dichotomy in character,” Big E said. “Because (Undertaker is) obviously this massive, brooding, legendary figure, and dark and ominous, and we are anything but that. We’re fun, we’re loose. So I think that’s what really makes the clash. And honestly, even though he’s still been around and still been wrestling lately, we’re kind of two different eras as well. That’s what makes it interesting, that in many ways we couldn’t be more different as characters and as wrestlers. So it’s cool to see that clash, because we’re so different. The three of us, honestly, any time we get an opportunity for us all to be together and work on projects is a blessing. Because genuinely, after all this time, we still love being around each other. We still love working together and I’m so grateful for that.”

This is WWE’s first endeavor into this genre. Throughout 2020, WWE would continue to produce cinematic matches with no fans allowed in arenas. Big E dropped some hints about a cinematic match involving ‘The Deadman’.

“I love the idea, that guys who — and this is not me pointing the finger at Undertaker or anyone else — that guys who might be a little bit longer in the tooth, who might not be able to put on the same 20-, 30-minute classics that they could years ago, I love this ability that ‘Hey, we can have some fun. And Undertaker is perfect for that, because with his abilities, his superpowers, whatever it is, sometimes that might not play as well in an arena but those elements will play better in something that’s pre-taped, something like a cinematic match. So yeah, I really love the idea that you can kind of see these legends continue their careers in a different way in these cinematic matches,” said Big E.

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