Big E on how NXT has changed since he left

Before Big E became the powerhouse of one of the most successful factions of all time, he was known as Big E Langston in the formative years of NXT. There, Big E won the NXT Championship and had a great reign. Fast forward to 5 years, Big E is now 1/3rd of the longest reigning tag team in the history of the WWE.



Before last night’s Smackdown, Big E spoke to about a number of topics about his wrestling career. There, Big E also revealed his thoughts about NXT and how successful it has become today.

Big E said that NXT is now more than just a feeder system for the main roster, it is a brand of its own. He talked about the differences between the NXT now and the NXT that he was a part of. Big E said that he and his fellow NXT mates didn’t get to travel nationality back during their tenure in the brand but now the roster is touring international destinations regularly.

I think it’s fantastic. It has become more than just a feeder system for WWE. It’s become its own brand. It’s really cool to see how a lot of our hardcore fans have really taken to the brand. It has such a different feel, which I think is great. It doesn’t feel like RAW, it doesn’t feel like Smackdown. There is so much talent there. I think it’s great to have it in Central Florida. It’s cool. When I was in NXT five years ago, we didn’t travel nationally. And not only are they traveling and doing shows around the country, but they’re doing tours of Japan and Europe. And people across the world have taken to NXT so passionately.

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