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Big E on the New Day’s break up

Bug E

New Day has been together for almost 4 years now and while the majority enjoys their act as a team there are also people who want the trio to break up.

One such fan made a tweet recently asking the trio to split up and replying to it, Big E told him to leave them alone as he doesn’t ask the fan to divorce his wife:

It’s worth mentioning here that prior to Money In The Bank PPV this month there were reports of the Officials considering New Day Member Big E for a singles push.

These reports have again been making rounds recently, though this time there are no talks of the three possibly splitting up for this change.

Reports suggest that they will be working as a stable of singles wrestlers instead of a tag team as they have been operating since their debut.

  • CC

    MITB would have been the perfect way to split the team or turn at least one of them heel.
    With Kofi failing to win, you could have either had him turn heel by saying that since joining New Day he has not won any singles titles, and blame them.
    Or Big E and/or Xavier could have turned heel, attacking Kofi for not winning.

    Something needs to be done to be honest as the gimmick is getting seriously stale, and when were they last a legitimate tag team rather than comic relief?

  • Keith Learmonth

    They could easily push E for a singles title run while still having him be allied with the other two, and tagging with them at times.

    It would be the same, basically, as AJ Styles being in the WWE championship but still teaming with The Club back when he was on Raw.

  • ROB-1.

    I wish Big E would go it alone again.