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Big E reveals his first idea for a gimmick in WWE


Big E had a heck of a gimmick change between NXT and his main roster run. While booked as an impressive athlete and dominant competitor throughout his entire run, “5-Count” Big E and “New Day” Big E are very different characters.

His run as the muscle of the New Day has been nothing short of hilarious, and it seems that he has always wanted to add humor to his wrestling career, even before joining the New Day. On Twitter today, the former Intercontinental Champion revealed that he had a unique idea for a gimmick.

That’s right, the hip gyrating, pancake eating unicorn was almost “Mel Mann the Mail-Man.” Actually, saying it out loud, it sounds bland compared to what he’s become.

  • oppa

    Sounds like the gimmick of a cheesy adult movie.

  • Darrin Tyler

    A mail man gimmick? That’s awesome actually