Big E reveals roster of nixed NXT season

As seen below a Twitter user recently posted a photo of 6 former NXT superstars including Big E, Seth Rollins, Damien Sandow, Hunico, Bo Dallas and Adam Rose, asking Big E what this was about:



Replying to this photo, the former NXT Champion Big E revealed that this photo included superstars who were supposed to be part of an NXT season which never began:

Furthermore, Seth Rollins also saw the photo and left a comment of his own on what could have been the show to first introduce the architect to the casual WWE fans:

It’s worth noticing that before becoming what many believe is now the third brand for WWE, NXT was a reality show which saw superstars competing to earn a WWE contract.

After the fifth season, it was scrapped and then repacked as the NXT we know today which replaced the WWE’s then development territory Florida Championship Wrestling or FCW.

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