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Big match and segment announced for SmackDown next week


WWE has announced an exciting match and a very interesting segment for next week’s episode of Smackdown Live, after this week’s episode of the show.

As seen on SmackDown this week, Asuka and Charlotte were forced to team together against Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville after the opening segment of the show.

However, the two couldn’t work with each other and after both, the stars hit each other during the bout it has been announced that they will face each other in a one on one match on SmackDown next week.

Similarly, this week’s episode of the show also featured a triple threat match among Jay Uso, Cesaro and Xavier Woods, which was won by Uso.

After this bout, the company announced a rap battle for next week’s episode of the show which will see The Usos going against the Bar with the New Day being the host of the segment.

  • Mike the Ike

    They already kinda tried that back when the only men’s titles on Raw were the Tag and the WHC, but then you had a bunch of guys with nothing to fight for. Meanwhile, since the women’s title was exclusive to Raw, you had a bunch of women fighting for nothing. What WWE needs to do is bring back Velocity and Heat except instead of treating it like they treat Main Event, anchor those shows with the women’s title and men’s tag belts so if you want to follow those storylines, you have to tune in to those shows. This would also make room on the Raw and SD for women’s tag belts. I’m sure there are people out there who would complain that would be relegating the women’s title to B-show, but they are never going to have the main title on a secondary show and if WWE stuck to their guns and never put the men’s tag or women’s title on Raw or SD, that would lend credibility to Velocity and Heat. The problem is something gets good or a wrestler gets hot so they move it Raw or SD, which then diminishes whatever show it came from.

  • CC

    With how poor the tag divisions are nowadays, if I was WWE I would cull most of the titles and have certain divisions on each show. Maybe have RAW as Universal, tag and womens division. Then on SD you have World, IC and Cruiserweight.

    The tag team and womens divisions are spread far too thin, and the US title is all but ignored.

  • Mike the Ike

    That wouldn’t be the worst thing because as we’ve seen, Raw’s tag division is even more of a joke than SD’s. Not in a ha-ha joke kind of way but as they’re all scrubs who never are in the show and no one is over kind of way. New Day had better be thankful daily that Saturday Morning Slam isn’t a thing anymore or those men would never appear anywhere but on that show.

  • CC

    The Uso’s and The Bar deserve better than this.

    It really is ridiculous that The Bar are tag team champs, and The Uso’s were team captains at Survivor series, yet New Day still keeps getting all the main focus.
    Smackdown might be the better show of the two, but the tag titles and the US title are pretty much worthless at this point in time. Might as well not even have them.

  • CC

    My guess is it won’t go away. It will just move to RAW.
    Seriously cannot stand their gimmick, but then again I am not 8 years old.

  • Mike the Ike

    Can’t wait for Smackdown to move to Fox and put an end to all of the stupid New Day crap. No more food fights, no more Thanksgiving brawls, no more rap battles, no more pancakes. Bye bye, New Day!