Big match being planned for Survivor Series

The big theme for last two Survivor Series specials have been the rivalry between WWE’s two premier brands though it appears that things might change this time.



According to reports from WrestleVotes twitter account, the company is currently planning a Survivor Series elimination match between two Raw teams at the upcoming PPV.

This match will see a team led by the Raw General Manager Kurt Angle facing the team led by Acting GM Baron Corbin, with the winner taking over the control of the Red Branded Show.

Though the account also said that a Raw vs. SmackDown themed match is still possible and they are just trying to push the fact that a Team Angle vs. Team Corbin match is currently in works.

Would you like to see this match taking place at the upcoming Survivor Series and which stars would you like to be on both the teams? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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