Big Name ‘Disqualifying’ Fani Willis From Trump Trial?

CBS News previously reported on the ongoing hearing, stating that there are disputes over evidence that both the defense and prosecution seek to admit. Defense attorneys aim to present Nathan Wade’s cellphone data as evidence, indicating his presence near a condo rented by Fani Willis multiple times in 2021. The state has also requested additional witness testimony from a winery employee in Napa that Willis and Wade visited together.



 “Heading into Friday’s hearing, there are still lingering disputes over evidence that both sides have sought to admit. Defense attorneys want McAfee to admit Wade’s cellphone data as evidence, claiming it shows he was in the vicinity of a condo Willis rented from Yeartie in Hapeville, south of Atlanta, at least three dozen times in 2021. The state also requested more witness testimony from an employee of a winery in Napa that Willis and Wade visited together.

The Gateway Pundit highlighted geo-tracking data indicating that Wade likely visited Willis’s home approximately 35 times in 2021, contradicting their testimony that they met at Willis’s home no more than ten times. Cell phone data also revealed over 2,000 voice calls and nearly 12,000 text messages exchanged between Wade and Willis from January to November 2021, before Wade was appointed.

During the hearing, Judge McAfee expressed his intention to reach a decision without additional evidence, and the hearing concluded around 4:15 pm ET. Fani Willis and Nathan Wade testified earlier, claiming their relationship started after Wade became the lead prosecutor in the Trump election interference case. However, testimony from Robin Yearti and text messages from Terrence Bradley suggest that their relationship began in 2019, before Wade’s appointment.

The hearing saw arguments from both sides, with Attorney Adam Abbate arguing that Terrence Bradley was “vengeful” and his text messages were “pure speculation.” Trump attorney Steve Sadow countered, stating Bradley evaded questions, and the state is attempting to have it both ways. The judge expects to make a ruling within the next two weeks.

“The state is going to have to bring it on,” while noting the powerful argument of Jeff Clark’s attorney, Harry McDougald, “as he said the six ways that the DA is office and particularly DA Willis had conflicts of interest.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Greg Bluestein noted potential challenges for Fani Willis in the upcoming election and a potential investigation by a Georgia State Senate panel into her relationship with Nathan Wade.

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