Big Name Reveals Violent CM Punk Threat After Firing

In the wake of the shocking news that CM Punk had been abruptly released from AEW, the wrestling world found itself in a frenzy of disbelief and speculation. The abrupt departure of one of the industry’s most iconic figures was attributed to an alleged backstage altercation between Punk and Jack Perry during the All In event the previous Sunday.



Amid the tidal wave of reactions flooding social media platforms, one voice rose above the rest – that of Lars Erik Fredireksen, a renowned musician and one of Punk’s closest friends. Lars Erik chose Instagram as the medium through which he expressed his thoughts, sharing a heartfelt and impassioned post, later deleted, that resonated deeply with fans and friends alike.

Accompanying his heartfelt message was a cherished childhood photograph of himself and CM Punk, evoking a sense of nostalgia and brotherhood that transcended the realm of professional wrestling and music. In his message, Lars Erik celebrated the essence of their friendship, one built on unwavering support and camaraderie, likening it to the indomitable spirit of working-class punk rock.

Lars Erik’s post was a testament to his unwavering loyalty to his friend and a passionate defense of Punk’s character. He emphasized Punk’s commitment to standing up for what he believed in, even when it meant being a lone voice in a cacophonous world. The musician commended Punk’s ability to speak out when no one else would and to remain silent when the privileged few cried foul.

He continued by highlighting the inherent alienation Punk had often felt, asserting that it was a badge of honor. In Lars Erik’s eyes, this sense of not fitting in was a sign of belonging to a unique and rebellious community. He drew a stark contrast between such genuine belonging and the perceived hypocrisy of religious institutions, passionately advocating for a radical approach by metaphorically suggesting the burning down of churches – a symbol of deceit and falsehood.

“This is what family looks like, always have your back no matter what. Working class Punk rock to the core. You stand when no one takes a stand. You yell when no one hears you and you stay quiet when the rich little boys complain about not getting their way. That’s the learning curve, those who know will know. Those who don’t will never understand.
He further wrote:

You don’t fit in? good. You belong with us. Family. You don’t find it in a church, that’s where you find lies and liars. Burn the Churches down, You bring the pipebomb and I’ll bring the match. After all the brightest light twice shines as bright. Always does. It’s Napalm time. F**k em all.”

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