Big Names To Block Biden From Being Replaced

An influential Republican group is already preparing for a potential battle if Democrats attempt to remove Joe Biden from the top of their ticket.



Mike Howell, Executive Director of The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project, announced their proactive stance, stating, “Due to the rapid decline of President Biden, as seen by his bizarre episode at the G-7, The Oversight Project is taking the unprecedented step to release this draft.” He emphasized their commitment to monitoring calls for Biden to step aside and ensuring election integrity procedures are upheld.

If Biden were to withdraw before the Democratic National Convention, delegates would need to select a new nominee. The Heritage Oversight Project is particularly focused on three swing states—Georgia, Nevada, and Wisconsin—where they believe removing Biden from the ticket could prevent another nominee from being listed:

  • Wisconsin prohibits withdrawal from the ballot except in cases of death.
  • Nevada allows no changes to the ballot after a specific deadline or in the event of death or legal incapacity.
  • In Georgia, if Biden withdraws less than 60 days before the election, his name remains on the ballot without counting votes.

The memo basically showed various state-specific rules and potential legal challenges Republicans might pursue to block a replacement nominee. It acknowledged the lack of precedent for such a situation.

Despite ongoing speculation about Biden’s cognitive decline, the memo clarified that Biden has publicly stated he has no intention of withdrawing. Concerns have been raised about Biden’s performance and personal challenges, including the recent legal issues faced by his son, Hunter.

Administration officials have countered reports of Biden’s fatigue during the G-7 summit, where he was reportedly less visible in public. They addressed a clip showing Biden seeming disoriented during a parachute demonstration, attributing it to his focus and dismissing concerns.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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