Big Show AEW Debut Video ‘Censored’ By WWE

A clip of Big Show chokeslamming and ‘burying’ Matt Jackson in a WWE squash may have led to a new Being The Elite episode being pulled due to copyright issues, as it was briefly made private before the WWE footage was removed, though Jim Ross’ commentary can still be heard. The Being The Elite video hyped the debut of Paul Wight in AEW.



Being The Elite is one of he most popular supplemental pieces of programming for All Elite Wrestling right now. During the latest episode ‘The Young Bucks’ member Matt Jackson was ‘performing’ on his synthesizer when his daughter came in to ask the tag team star if he has heard about the ‘giant’ acquisition that AEW has made recently. After mentioning Sting, he replies ‘who?’ to the man formerly known as the ‘Big Show’ Paul Wight. Matt then starts having visions to when Wight chokeslammed him in WWE. After his son said ‘You should remember, ‘back when you were a jobber’, Matt looks afraid then proceeds to leave the home. Big Show recently leaked this Vince McMahon WWE contract offer.

In other news revolving Paul Wight, sixteen time world champion ‘The Nature Boy Ric Flair recently discussed the former Big Show’s signing with All Elite Wrestling during a recent interview on Busted Open Radio. Flair told the hosts of the program the following quote.

“I didn’t see it coming, and I’m sure they [AEW] must have made him a spectacular deal over there,” said Flair. “Do I wish had would stay with us personally? Yes. At the same time, he has earned my respect, and I think he has earned the respect of everybody and should be able to make whatever choice he wants.” An AEW main eventer buried Big Show’s signing.

Credit to Wrestling Inc. for the following quote.

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