Big Show Allegedly ‘In Debt’ Before AEW Signing

Big Show’s signing with AEW was buried by a main eventer in the promotion, but he is likely receiving a nice payday. The professional wrestling world has been buzzing with the surprising news that Paul Wight, formerly known to audiences as ‘The Big Show’ by WWE has signed with rival company All Elite Wrestling. David Bixenspan, a podcast host and researcher for the third season of the acclaimed Vice series ‘Dark Side of the Ring’ recently took to social media via Twitter to highlight the fact that Wight, along with his wife sold their home in Miami, Florida to pay off debt from arrangement from Hulk Hogan and billionaire Cecile Barker to have Wight train to become a professional boxer.



The tweet stated: “For whatever it’s worth: Last month, Paul and Bess Wight finalized the sale of their Miami home for $3.69m. They used the proceeds to pay off their $1.2m debt to Cecile Barker (from the fallout of the “what if Big Show boxed?” idea) & whatever was left of their $2.78m mortgage.”

As a member of WWE, the former Big Show did have a match against a boxer, although it was not a boxing match -Wight went up against the highly-acclaimed and undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. at WrestleMania 24 in Orlando which was a losing effort for the large athlete as he was ultimately knocked out Mayweather. Big Show just reacted to ‘shockingly bad’ WWE writing.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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