Big Show ‘Botches’ AEW Dynamite Return

AEW came onto the scene as the next big thing in sports entertainment. As luck would have it, AEW started to beat NXT week after week in an almost one-sided battle. Now, the tables have turned as AEW seems to serve up more and more botches week after week and it’s not looking good, especially after big names create them…WWE Fire Big Name After Bathroom Photos.



On this week’s AEW Dynamite, Cody Rhodes and Anthony Ogogo had an official weigh-in ahead of their match at Double or Nothing 2021. AEW are clearly looking for MMA fans here.

Paul Wight (Big Show), who showed up on AEW Dynamite for only the second time since his debut in the promotion in March, served as the host of the segment.

Ogogo first came out with all of his Factory stablemates, followed by Cody Rhodes, accompanied by The Nightmare Family and friends. The former Olympian came out with a slight weight advantage in the weigh-in as he weighed 219 lbs, besting Cody Rhodes’ 218 lbs.

While fans weren’t expecting much from the segment, it still turned out to be pretty entertaining as Paul could not figure out how to work the scale. The scale itself was nothing fancy. The scale was a standard scale that could be found at any fighting event or doctor’s office. The clear winner of Dynamite was the scale.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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