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The Big Show is looking absolutely shredded ahead of Wrestlemania match with Shaq

The Big Show will be taking on NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neil at Wrestlemania 33 from Orlando, Florida. Show has been hitting the gym hard leading up to the match and is in the best shape of his career. The big guy took to Instagram to update the WWE Universe on his progress, and the former WWE Champ is looking SHREDDED:

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  • JC Bolden

    It’s hard to stay in shape when they’re on the road once they fall out of it. Every time he’s taken a break he’s come back in better shape tho

  • JAckh45

    It’s a shame hes going to job to Shaq tho… there is no way show is going over in that match. He needs to team with Strowman with that beard also.

  • pitfallharry219

    It’s just too bad he let himself be a fat slob when he was having matches that actually mattered.

  • M

    If he’s in that good of shape, he should drop the singlet. First time I saw him on his return without knowing he got into shape he looked like he was dying. Really boney.