Big Show on RAW Next Week, HHH’s Return, Heat on Chris Jericho?

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– There are reports that WWE officials are upset with Chris Jericho over his new role as host of a game show on ABC. Apparently WWE told Jericho last week that they wanted him to back out of the show but he talked them into letting him stay on it.

– As noted before, Mark Feuerstein of USA Network’s Royal Pains will be the special guest host of next week’s RAW. WWE’s website notes that SmackDown Superstar Big Show will be hosting with Feuerstein next week. Show will be appearing on an upcoming episode of Royal Pains.

– Triple H is currently in New Orleans filming his first WWE movie, The Chaperone. Word is that Triple H will be there for the next three weeks filming. There is talk that Triple H will be returning in time for August’s SummerSlam pay-per-view.

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