Big Show Speaks on The Great Khali and People Picking Fights With Him

– has an excerpt from an interview they did with Big Show for November’s WWE Magazine.



One question that was asked, keeping in mind the recent backstage incident he was involved in,

“We can’t imagine anyone has ever picked a fight with you outside of the ring.

Actually, it’s the opposite. People try to fight me all the time. They’ll get some liquid courage flowing through their veins, and they’ll say they can take me. I’ll respond with, “Where? Out to dinner?” or something funny that diffuses the situation. I try to laugh it off. Someone might antagonize me, but it will never escalate.”

When asked about the other big men in WWE, Big Show said the following:

“Mark Henry is one of the strongest people I have ever been in the ring with — he can tear your arms out of their sockets. And Kane is big and strong, too, but he’s a different kind of big. And Khali? Well, he’s just a tall guy who can do a lot of push-ups.”

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