Big Show to star in his own travel show

As reported back in July, the former world champion will be getting his own Netflix series titled, “The Big Show Show.” Filming began back in August, with plans to release ten episodes on the streaming service. However, the future Hall of Famer has already found some more work, earning a travel show of sorts.



The reality series, “Big Show vs The World: A Giant Abroad,” is being taken to some of the top cable TV networks and streaming services. In a press release provided to Wrestling Inc, the CEO of Thinkfactory Media, the production company working with WWE to bring the new series to life, said:

Big Show brings so many different layers to a project like this; it’s a dream scenario for us as producers. He blends his fierce intelligence and curiosity with an unexpected, one-of-a-kind wit. His intimidating physical stature is offset by his surprisingly disarming personality.

With one show premiering on Netflix in 2020 and a travel series looking for distribution, Show has definitely found a life outside of wrestling.

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