Big Show’s WWE Film Being Pushed Back

source: Variety



Big Show’s Knucklehead was tentatively scheduled for the theatrical release date of Friday, April 23, 2010, but is now been pushed back to the fall in favor of the John Cena drama film Brother’s Keeper.

Filming for Brother’s Keeper wrapped us just last week in New Orleans while Knucklehead finished in November. Current plans call for Brother’s Keeper to be released theatrically this summer, thus pushing Big Show’s comedy movie to the fall.

WWE Studios recently reached an agreement with Samuel Goldwyn Films to oversee it’s theatrical releases, and Vivendi Entertainment to handle the home video releases. As part of the agreement, World Wrestling Entertainment has agreed to produce nine movies through 2012.

Future releases include Big Red starring Randy Orton, a thriller written for Batista, and the comedy Midnight Run with John Cena.

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