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Big Update on WWE Network Changes

The WWE has been surveying it’s WWE Network subscribers to some potential changes and additions to the network. One previous survey mentioned a multi-tired pricing system that would provide the subscriber with certain access depending on their priced subscription package selection.

That survey also mentioned “independent wrestling content, such as TNA and Ring of Honor.”

The WWE has released another survey, mentioning multiple possible additions to the Network. You can check out the potential additions here:

– Receiving a “crate” of WWE merchandise for subscribing for a year’s worth of the WWE Network at once.

– Receiving a free month of the WWE Network by referring it to friends and family who sign up for three months.

– Receiving discounts on the Network price if you pay for a year in advance.

– Having the ability to stream the Network on four devices at once.

– Free shipping of WWEShop orders.

– Having a “family” plan to stream it in different locations.

– The ability to download material onto devices to watch while offline.

– The ability to play WWE-themed games on the Network app.

– Closed captioning of live events in other languages.

– Be part of a test group to give feedback on new games, merchandise and Network programming.

– Be entered into raffles automatically for trips to major WWE events and similar contests.

– Subscriber exclusive meet and greets with WWE talents.

– Exclusive chats with WWE talents where you would be able to ask talents questions.

– Creating and sharing video playlists with friends and family.

– Exclusive Network content including previews and behind the scenes content.

– Exclusive second screen content during WWE programming exclusively for subscribers.

– Getting 3 months of Starz with a 3 month subscription to the WWE Network.

– Voting on the WWE Hall of Fame inductees.

– Specified video suggestions based on talent searches.

– Greater ability to bookmark and play specific matches in events, as opposed to just playing an event from the start.

  • Dubs

    Give us Raw and Smackdown live on the network.
    Having to still subscribe to Sky and then additionally Sky Sports channels just to watch WWE should be a thing of the past with this network.
    Please give it to us.

  • M

    Money is money, man. We could be doing a lot of other things with the $120 we spend yearly on the network. It’s worth it just for the PPV’s and NXT alone however it has gotten pretty bland. Other than the CWC, I’d say nothing has really changed for the better this year than what they’ve already given us. I don’t watch any of the shows other than Swerved only because it has Jack Tremaine behind it but that’s not saying much. A revamp would be refreshing if they go through with some these things listed. If the HOF voting is legit it’ll make things much more interesting, there’s far too many people not in there that should already be in.

  • MrDr3w

    Yes, our hard-earned ten dollars a month…

    Personally, I would like the additions. I used to be a heavy user of the Network near the beginning. But after watching the few PPVs I actually wanted to see, and binge-watching all their shows, I’ve gotten tired of it, and only go on from time to time. So a total revamp might be nice. I just hope the HOF voting is legit.

  • Vince g

    Agreed with Nick-Hulk. They should concentrate on fixing the problem they still have, rather than trying to add new stuff. Every PPV we watch never plays right. It skips and stalls all the time. So much so that I just end up turning it off. I have considered just ending my subscription. If there is a price hike, I will do just that.

  • nick-hulk

    Maybe they should just fix it so it actually works properly on ps4 again

  • Solid

    Yep cause No Mercy was totally worth $9.99 for that month. 😛

  • pitfallharry219

    With the brand split, they’ve essentially doubled the number of PPVs they do. Of course we should have been expecting a price hike.

  • Solid

    the whole “for $9.99 we’ll rake it in from *all* the peeps who wouldnt buy a ppv before, now I’m sure “it’s oh god we’re losing $30+ per person per ppv, charge more money dammit”

  • CC

    A tiered pricing system would end up shooting themselves in the foot. The most likely scenario would be that PPV’s would be highest tier, meaning no more all the PPV’s for only 9.99 a month, which is the biggest selling point for most people.

  • M

    With how much hard earned money we put into the Network, these things should be given to us. No need for a survey, the fans who have the network are the ones who are helping keep the company alive. I hope we get all these things listed and then some.