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Big Van Vader passes away owing to pneumonia complications

  • Arlan Peterson

    It’s always a sad day when legends of wrestling like Vader pass away. If it wasn’t for the legends, we wouldn’t have the wrestlers that we have today. I just hope the WWE pulls their collective heads out of their backsides and induct this great man into the HOF, before he becomes forgotten. IT’S VADER TIME!!!!!

  • CC

    I am sure I remember a story last year where he had some sort of heart disease and only had a few months left to live, and by the sound of it, he lived longer than expected.

    Sad to hear he has gone, but it sounds like he was a fighter right up til the end.

  • Sparti Love

    Damn.. I’m so mad right now. WWE never inducted him into the HOF when he deserved it and now he’s gone 🙁

  • Rinn13

    And to think, if it wasn’t for Vince’s man-crush on HBK in the 90s, he was going to push the hell out of Vader as a monster heel, with a run as Champ and everything. Possibly even a WM main event. And good old Shawn killed all of that, because he didn’t like him, and didn’t want to work with him or put him over.

    RIP to one of the best ever, and one of my favorites.

  • Brad Grillakis

    one of my favorite wrestlers. sad 🙁

  • Vader Time

    Yet another guy that passes away before WWE puts them in the HOF. Get your act together, WWE, you know which guys you can wait on and which ones you can’t.