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Big Cass might have set up with DDP yoga before seizure

Big Cass recently suffered a seizure at a House of Hardcore event, which caused quite a scare. Thankfully, he is doing better now. However, it could be a sign that something might be wrong with him.

On Oh, You Didn’t Know, Brad Shepard discussed Cass’ seizure and mentioned how according to a source in WWE, the issues with him were not anything new. There were apparently even plans in the works to help out the former RAW Superstar with some yoga.

“So I talked to a source in WWE this week and we had a conversation about Big Cass who recently had a seizure at a House Of Hardcore event which is Tommy Dreamer’s promotion. Really bad situation. There was a video of it.”

“I talked to a source and they said Big Cass is a mess and just kinda talked about how he had such a star in Carmella. He was really over with Enzo as a tag team whether you liked them or not. Young, tall, had the full package that Vince McMahon liked, but it’s amazing how fas he fell.”

“From what I was told for what it’s worth there were people at the office in WWE who were sour on him and Enzo far before all of this stuff happened, especially Enzo due to his attitude obviously. So it’s a very sad situation. I think Big Cass was set to go into a yoga-like program or do something possibly even with DDP.”

“He just looks like he’s completely out of shape. I don’t know if you’ve seen him recently but he’s been appearing at these events and he looked like he’s stopped trying. It’s definitely sad and from what we understand he is okay so that’s great news too.”

We genuinely hope Big Cass gets better. After all, everyone has their own issues and should try to fix them. It would be great if Cass manages to get himself a few title reigns in the indies eventually.

  • Whistling Joe

    My point is they got clean while they were there and the last wrestler that was having seizures that we knew of was Lance Cade because of his drug problem. Maybe Cass is going there to get clean.

  • CC

    What I am saying is this is the first we have heard of him having any kind of seizure, so going to DDP for Yoga because his is out of shape, is unconnected.
    Yoga would not do anything for seizures as they are brain related in some way shape or form. If he had show signs of that in WWE he would have been sent to a professional doctor first and foremost.

    As for Jake and Hall, they went to DDP because they were hugely out of shape due to years of substance abuse and injuries etc.

    Many wrestlers go to DDP anyway. Even Chris Jericho went to him when he was preparing to return to WWE last time.

  • Whistling Joe

    The last person released and was having seizures for Lance Cade, and we know how that turned out. We also know the people that have been going to see DDP: Scott Hall and Jake the Snake. The two things may not necessarily be unrelated.

  • CC

    We all know that WWE’s problems with Enzo go way back before they split the team, and is actually quite possibly the reason Cass was separated from him (to try to get the stink off him), so none of that is news.
    As for the yoga thing, why would WWE have done that? He was not out of shape in WWE.

    Sounds like someone just spouting opinions rather than fact.