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Oh Bilal: Why Orton Should Not Have Been in the #1 Contenders Match on Smackdown

Where to begin on Randal Keith Orton? Well for one thing he is Mr. Money in the Bank for the WWE title on Raw. So when he was placed in the triple threat #1 contenders match for Alberto Del Rio’s World Heavyweight Title on this weeks Smackdown, it raised my red flags… well blue flags it was Smackdown not Raw. Now would it be a good idea for Orton to win the World Heavyweight Title and then cash in to become the WWE Championship the same night or at a later date to become Undisputed Champion? Well of course, but we all know that is not going to happen. For one thing we just finished naming Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox as GM’s of said shows.

What makes this worse is when you start to ask yourself who else could of been in this match? Cody Rhodes for one! Dusty’s son was robbed of the Smackdown Money in the Bank briefcase at the Money in the Bank pay per view by Damien Sandow. How great a story would it have been for Cody to win a match this past Friday, go on to become World Heavyweight Champion at Summer Slam, only to have Sandow cash in a water-damaged briefcase and screw Rhodes once again? It would of been outstanding. As over as Christian and RVD are… and the are WAY over with the fans, they both were after thoughts in the Raw Money in the Bank All Stars match. That match was about Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton, both of which were rewarded on Raw with the #1 contender ship and a briefcase for the WWE title. I would much rather have Rhodes given that same respect, especially since he has not been awarded a fraction of the shots RVD and Christian have gotten at a World or WWE title.

But sadly WWE has all to often passed up on great story lines. Take John Cena vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship, how the WWE has dragged their feet on the fact they both date one of the Bella twins?! Especially, since both superstars are faces, and their diva girlfriends could serve as the heel motivation to the feud? Not to mention it would help to promote the Total Divas show… not that WWE has lacked promoting the show. However, the characters seem to live in alternate universes from Sunday to Monday night. WWE would go a long way to start to draw parallel’s from reality to fiction, rather than ignoring them.

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