Bill Goldberg Comments on Working for Hulkamania, Bischoff Talks Flair/Hogan

– Former World Champion Bill Goldberg responded to a fan question on Twitter about him working on Hulk Hogan’s new Hulkamania tour with the following: “Zero plans to join Hogan’s Tour…..The old man wants all the $ for himself. Plus, 3 reality shows on tap.”



– Eric Bischoff told Jason Powell yesterday afternoon that despite reports, Ric Flair had not signed on officially for Hulk Hogan’s Hulkamania tour. “That would be premature,” Bischoff said. “If Terry (Hulk Hogan) and I get an opportunity to work with him we would love it, but it’s not wrapped up yet.”

Sources from both PWInsider and the Wrestling Observer yesterday reported that Flair had signed on for three years.

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