Billy Corgan discusses his plans for the NWA

The NWA was once thought of as a defunct wrestling institution from the past. But if Billy Corgan has his way it will soon be a blossoming endeavor once more. He has a twenty-year plan for the brand’s restoration and he plans on starting from the ground up.



“You have to build your own infrastructure from the bottom up and work with people you really trust. The traditional ‘carny’ aspect of the wrestling business that plagues a lot of companies, and has plagued a company like TNA, are problems that hold the business back. You can’t run an effective business if it’s like Game of Thrones every week.”

“We don’t see the brand, or, in this case, the NWA title, as proprietary as having to be on our turf or on our terms,” said Corgan. “We need to create relationships, much like Anthem is trying to do with AAA, to build and create audiences. Hopefully, we can build a long-term relationship with Marquez that is mutually beneficial. He has shown great agility at taking the local TV market and running a profit. He has history with the NWA since the mid-90s, and that was our first shot at doing something across the bow.”

“We like to turn up the flame of what we’re doing slowly until we’re really ready to come out full guns blazing,” said Corgan. “That’s the way we want to work, we want to build relationships. I said this repeatedly at TNA, and I say this at our meetings, the future of the business is people working together.”

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